chasing demons

this photograph was taken at the canada malting plant (see "abandoned buildings") in st-henri. four flashes illuminated this scene, three of which were collimated to illuminate the background graffiti.

1s; f/9; ISO100; 50mm; NIKON D200

the exorcism

co-photographed with piotr wielopolski


triple exposure: each hand is photographed separately with its own light source, and the fire spiral is taken by zooming the lens while photographing a spinning poi.

;   f/14.0;   ISO100;   18mm;   NIKON D200

portrait of a taurus

co-photographed with piotr wielopolski

summoning the flames

sebastian bureau, playing with poi.

1/1s;   f/11.0;   ISO100;   50mm;   NIKON D200

4-20 am

co-photographed with jakub lubaczewski

1/60;   f/13.0;   ISO200;   55mm;   NIKON D70

ghost striker

co-photographed with gosia fiedler. downtown montreal, just off bleury, near st-catherine.


co-photographed with piotr wielopolski

1/250;   f/10.0;   ISO400;   70mm;   NIKON D700