james bond's assassination

co-photographed with jan belina


co-photographed with piotr wielopolski.

this is an unedited single photograph acquired by two flash exposures in complete darkness with complementary black masks. the masks must have relative realignment better than a few hundred microns to achieve a seamless blending of both exposures.

24.2s; f/11; ISO400; 105mm; D70

fight club

co-photographed with gosia fiedler

the relentless golden ratio

co-photographed with ewaG

tribute to dali's female figure with head of flowers

co-photographed with ewaG and gosia fiedler

femme fatale

charlie's angel

self-inflicted roundhouse

martin siemienski, kicking the shit out of... himself.

knock out

markyB kicking the crap of out of jonnyB

bar fight


co-photographed with jan belina

the creation of adam

co-photographed with jan belina

early morning harvest

oh canada

emo: electronically modified organism

;   f/8.0;   ISO100;   9.7mm;   CYBERSHOT