The complete picture is 78 megapixels, which I downsized to 10.6 Megapixel for viewing. 

 This panorama represents my summer quite well, which I spent working in Krakow, Poland... I found the place on the Main Square which offers the nicest and most complete view of Krakow at Night for a 360 panorama. 

 For those who care: It consists of 17 vertical pictures taken at 29mm on my D70. However, each picture consists of 3 exposures, which I superimposed and edited to extract the large dynamic range of the nighttime scene. 
The main exposure was: - ISO 200 - f/8.0 - 15 seconds Followed by two exposures used to get detail in all the much brighter areas of the scene. - ISO 200 - f/8.0 - 6 seconds - ISO 200 - f/8.0 - 2.5 seconds 
With a solid tripod the superposition of the 3 exposures was impeccable.