echeveria mazarine in tenmoku

1/250s;   f/13.0;   ISO320;   105mm;   NIKON D800E

senecio radicans in shino

1/200s;   f/8.0;   ISO200;   85mm;   NIKON D800E

sedum morganianum in cobalt blue

1/200s;   f/8.5;   ISO200;   85mm;   NIKON D800E

string of pearls in dc blue

1/200s;   f/8.0;   ISO200;   85mm;   NIKON D800E

lavender in mystery

1/125s;   f/9.0;   ISO100;   145mm;   NIKON D800E

'confederate rose' in dc blue

not sure if this is an agave parryi or an agave parrasana or agave potatorum.

1/250s;   f/10.0;   ISO400;   85mm;   NIKON D800E

split rock in mystery

pleiospilos nelii (split rock) is a species of flowering plant in the family aizoaceae, native to the cape of south africa.

1/250s;   f/9.0;   ISO160;   85mm;   NIKON D800E



1/250s;   f/19.0;   ISO200;   85mm;   NIKON D800E

crested elkhorn in reitz green

blue elf aloe in rods-bod cones with tenmoku rims

aloe barbadensis in cobalt blue inverted cones

toothpick cactus in ohada