conceived in poland, born in canada, aleks labuda was raised in notre-dame-de-grâce, montreal, quebec.

aleks undertook photography seriously on january 1st 2004, after discovering the website there, he realized that low-end cameras were capable of outputting professional quality photographs. studying undergraduate physics was foundational to his mastery of the technical side of photography, which, after all, is applied optics.

in september 2006, aleks built his own machine shop, providing the tools necessary to turn design ideas within the realm of metalworking into reality. he focuses on the design and fabrication of unique items, ranging from the decorative, such as jewellery, to the highly utilitarian, such as scientific instruments for nanotechnology. aesthetics and durability are key elements emphasized in his work.

aleks pursued graduate studies in physics at mcgill university, in the field of condensed matter physics. he put his design and machining skills to use by creating an electrochemical atomic force microscope. he now works at asylum research developing instrumentation and methods for advancing nanotechnological research.

aleks’ hobbies and academic pursuits often intertwine. this website is a collection of his work.